Why Attend

Ball Skills

Thousands of touches. We work a lot on dribbling, juggling, ball control, passing, receiving and striking the ball.

Tactical Work

We teach you the dynamics of play through numbers. We start with the attacking & defending fundamentals of 1 v 1, move up to 2 v 2, 3 v 2 all the way up to 9 v 9 and 11 v 11.


Critical to our learning process is our player to staff ratio. Our player to staff ratio is no more than 10:1. Our staff is selected with consideration of not only their coaching experience but more importantly their ability and desire to connect with and develop a player’s game.

Instilling an ongoing love for the sport is a critical characteristic when we are looking for staff coaches.


The Edge takes pride in ensuring that the keeper is not the “forgotten player.” Goalkeepers are trained in their own specific groups during the mornining sessions and then integrated into the activities as each day progresses.

We provide goalkeeping specific training by specialized keeper coaches throughout each day.


Our sessions & individual exercises are challenging, exciting and motivating.

Competition is the key underlying component that makes our camp unique.

Our players thrive on competition and the individual & team challenges are what brings the most out of our players.

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